A club for fans of Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's Chalet School
      A club for fans of Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's Chalet School

     The Various Forms of Payment Available


Internet Bank Transfer:


Please contact the Treasurer on the email shown below for the NCC's bank account details, including your full name and postcode as the reference




Please make them payable to 'New Chalet Club' (in GB sterling) and post them to the appropriate member of the committee, as detailed in the section concerning your request - AGM, library, membership or merchandise


The club will accept one cheque to cover everything for which you are paying. All we ask is that you detail what it is for on the back, or in the attached note (subs, merchandise, library, etc.). If you are doing it that way, I would suggest you send it to the membership secretary or treasurer for ease of processing




The following link will take you to the PayPal website homepage, from there you can log into your account and use the email address payments@newchaletclub.co.uk. This link may be used for any payment you may need to make regarding anything associated with the NCC

We ask that you only do this if you are overseas or cannot manage any of the other options. This is because we are regarded as a business and thus are charged for each transaction and lose 65p out of every £12.00

Please use the following link for further information:




The next journal is being finalised and should be getting printed and posted in the next week or so


J86 should be with all our members by now, so if you haven't received one please do get in touch


The deadlines for submitting articles to the journals are:


28 February

30 June

30 September


Please see the section entitled 'Attention' in the tab that is for Members Only for any other updates

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